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What is Aquaphant?

Aquaphant is a water technology company that creates products and software solutions for the good of humanity and our planet.

Main technical Parameters for our AQ.2

Water Output:Cold Water( 53.6°F - 64.4°F )

Flow Rate: 800ml/min,

Output:18L/D(At standard condition 30°C/RH 80%)

The amount of water produced varies according to the surrounding environment of the

machine, that is, if the environment is high temperature and high humidity, the amount of

water produced is greater, and the amount of water produced is smaller when the temperature

and humidity is low.

Tank: 8L;


Cooling System:Compressor refrigeration/R134A/Two copper-aluminum fins / air filter

Purification:Three-stage ultrafiltration filter element CP+UF+C

Air Outlet: Top

Noise: Front50Db, Back 52Db, Both sides 51Db

Hand held noise measurement 1m away.



Environmental parameters benchmark

Operating temperature 15°C-43°C
Operating humidity >25%
Standard environment (benchmark) 30°C、80%
Standard production @ benchmark 18L/Day
Storage Temperature -10°C~60°C
Storage humidity 5~90%
Climate type ST、N、SN
Waterproof level IPX0
Placement environment Open ventilation > 100 sq ft