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AQ2 produces the cleanest and most refreshing ice cold Alkaline water made from the air.

  • The cleanest water you can get, UV filtered from the air.
  • Place AQ2 Anywhere, Gym, Office, Kitchen, no plumbing needed just an outlet.
  • Cold Alkaline Water filtered by 6 stage reverse osmosis.
  • Removes contaminants and humidity from the air.
  • Free and Fast Shipping
  • In Stock, Ships in 2-4 Days
  • 1 Year Warranty

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AQ.2 Replacement Filters

AQ.2 Replacement Filters

Hydr8M8 Large 25oz Black insulated steel water bottle

Hydr8M8 Large 25oz Black Stainless Steel

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Why You’ll Love It

The AQ.2 is a compact energy efficient water system that draws in humid air from its surroundings through an advanced filtration system to deliver the purest, best tasting, and most refreshing Alkaline water where you want it.

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Healthiest and Best Tasting Water

Traditional water filters and bottled water get their water from ground water sources which contain lead, microplastics, and a plethora of other unsavory chemicals. By getting your water from the air and running it through the AQ.2 advanced UV filter system you start off with water free from groundwater contaminants that are then run through multiple filters to create the purest water on earth.

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Water Where You Want It

Never wake up in the middle of the night thirsty and have to get water from the kitchen again! The AQ.2 can be installed right next to your bed with just a power outlet. No need for expensive plumbing or having to make the long walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night.

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Saves The Environment And Your Money

The average American household spends over $1400 a year on bottled water. Not to mention creates thousands of bottles of plastic waste in the process. Using the Aquaphant to produce cold refreshing Alkaline water will pay for itself in just over a year and help reduce pollution in our environment greatly.

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Breathe Easier with Aquaphant

As the Aquaphant pulls water from the air its also removing contaminants. These contaminants are then filtered through a 6 stage reverse osmosis filter leaving you with clean cold refreshing Alkaline water and pure air to breath!

How it Compares

How it Compares


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blue wale make out of garbage and ocean plastic

The world is grappling with a dire water crisis, impacting over 2 billion people who are forced to consume contaminated water. This issue is becoming increasingly widespread, as seen in crises like that of Flint, Michigan in the U.S., which faces polluted water challenges.

In parallel, our planet is plagued by a staggering plastic problem, with a shocking 5.25 trillion water bottles discarded annually, polluting our oceans and threatening innocent wildlife.

Enter Aquaphant's revolutionary AQ.2 technology, providing a universal solution for clean water accessibility. AQ.2 ingeniously converts air into pure water, eliminating the need for a traditional water source. This portable device is effortlessly powered by a standard electrical outlet, obviating the necessity for water lines, plumbing, or pipes. It efficiently transforms surrounding air into pristine, chilled drinking water.

By embracing the AQ.2, you not only secure access to clean water but also actively contribute to reducing your reliance on plastic bottles. This environmentally-conscious choice not only saves you money but also champions sustainability, combatting plastic waste and its detrimental impact on our planet's well-being.


4 plastic bottles at various stages of being crushed


We all know we have a major plastic consumption problem. By using an AQ.2 you can help our environment by cutting down on harmful plastics.
2 glasses of water, one is clear one is dirty


So, you’d think local tap water is safe. Sadly there is still lead-laden water in Flint, Michigan. But with an AQ.2 anyone, anywhere can access
a filtering water pitcher


Regular water filters don’t kill bacteria. So the AQ.2 has added LED UV in order to sterilize our water and make it super clean.
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icon of wind and air

AIR TURNS INTO WATER: Our system operates bydrawing in free-flowing air from the surroundingenvironment. This atmospheric source serves as thefoundation for our water generation process, allowing usto extract and utilize the moisture present in the air toproduce clean and accessible water.

icon of a water and debris going though a filter, and only water coming out

WATER IS FILTERED: To ensure the highest quality of water, our system incorporates multi-layer air filters.These filters effectively remove dust and dirt particles from the incoming air purifying it before it enters the water generation process. This step guarantees that the water produced is free from any contaminants thereby providing a safe and clean water source.

icon of a arrows pointing up to water droplet filled clouds

WATER IS CONDENSED: The AQ.2 utilizes ambient heat exchange to condense the humidity present in the air into liquid water. This process involves transferring heat from the air to a cooling surface causing the moisture to condense and form droplets of water. By harnessing this condensation process, we efficiently convert atmospheric humidity into a usable and sustainable water source.

icon of a water going through a purifier

WATER IS PURIFIED: After the water is condensed from the air, it goes through a multi-layer water filtration and purification process. This ensures that the water is free from impurities and contaminants making it suitable for various uses. Our comprehensive water purification system guarantees that the water produced is of the highest quality and safe for consumption or other purposes.

icon of a water droplet

THE RESULT IS WATER OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY: Aquaphant’s AQ.2 provides some of the best-tasting and cleanest water you’ll ever find. Our clean water can be room temperature or cold, it just depends on your preference. Either way, we ensure that the water produced meets your desired temperature requirements while maintaining its cleanliness and quality.


  • Water Output: Cold Water (53.6°F - 64.4°F)
  • Flow Rate: 800ml/min
  • Output: 18L/D(At standard condition 30°C/RH 80%)
  • The amount of water produced varies according to the surrounding environment of the machine. That is, if the environment is high temperature and high humidity, the amount of water produced is greater, and the amount of water produced is smaller when the temperature and humidity is low.
  • Tank: 8L
  • Power: 110V/60Hz
  • Cooling System: Compressor refrigeration/R134A/Two copper-aluminum fins/air filter
  • Purification: Three-stage ultrafiltration filter element CP+UF+C
  • Air Outlet: Top
  • Noise: Front 50Db, Back 52Db, Both sides 51Db Hand held noise measurement 1m away
  • Operating temperature: 15°C-43°C
  • Operating humidity: >25%
  • Standard environment (benchmark): 30°C, 80%
  • Standard production (benchmark): 18L/Day
  • Storage Temperature: -10°C~60°C
  • Storage humidity: 5~90%
  • Climate type: ST、N、SN
  • Waterproof level: IPX0
  • Placement environment: Open ventilation > 100 sq ft
  • Operating temperature 15°C-43°C
  • Operating humidity >25%
  • Standard environment (benchmark) 30°C、80%
  • Standard production @ benchmark 18L/Day
  • Storage Temperature -10°C~60°C
  • Storage humidity 5~90%
  • Climate type ST、N、SN
  • Waterproof level IPX0
  • Placement environment Open ventilation > 100 sq ft


  • Additional quality control Smart circulation
  • Air Filter life monitoring Yes, onscreen
  • Water filter life monitoring Yes, onscreen
  • Cold water production method, Compressor refrigeration
  • Water filter replacement, Replace whole filter element
  • Tank drain, Manual
  • External water input, None
  • Water level detection light, No
  • Dismantling and washing tank, No
  • Rated Voltage 110V


  • Product measurement:430X290X660(mm)
  • Packaging measurement(Five layer box):505mm×320mm×735mm
  • Gross Weight:21KG Net weight:23KG


  • All electrical parameters are factory standard machine test data, and the customized voltage/frequency may be slightly different.
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 reviews
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18 reviews
  • PD Profile picture for Pamela D.
    Pamela D.
    Verified Reviewer
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    9 months ago
    Game Changer

    I am Pamela Dawn, an environmental author with the organization Endangered Earthlings. We wrote a book explaining present and near-future environmental perils to average human with a focus on long-term solutions. We mentioned atmospheric water generators, but when we wrote the book in 2019, the price made them prohibitive for the average person. This product changes everything.

    I purchased my AQ2 a couple of months ago from RenTech Global and it has consistently been producing at least 3 gallons of water per day. I am in the very dry Central Valley of California and this time of year, the humidity somewhere around 29%, so this is remarkable.

    In our present environmental climate, this technology is life saving. In countries where the citizens are experiencing the extreme repercussions of climate change, this product will not be a luxury, it will ensure survival, restore dignity and provide a better quality of life.

    We demonstrate the principles of our book in a retrofitted class A motorhome. We have solar and wind renewable energy, Starlink satellite communications, a small hydroponic garden, and now with Awgie, (of course I named her,) we are completely self sustaining. I can’t wait to get back on the road and show the world how easy it is to break the umbilical and live on our own terms, unfettered.

    Brilliant technology! Thank you Aquaphant.

  • T Profile picture for Thomas
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 year ago
    Why doesn't everybody have this?

    This is the best thing creation since sliced bread! I stock my fridge full of water for the week. I always have fresh, clean, cold water at my leisure. This is really revolutionary! Thanks Aquaphant!!

  • SW
    Steve W.
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 year ago
    The AQ.2 Is incredible

    It's hard to believe I never knew this tech was available. I am really impressed with the performance of the machine and it just looks cool!

  • S
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    6 minutes ago
    5 Stars

    Fantastic product. Works great. Makes the best tasting water. The staff there are the best! I have gotten notes from the CEO, Steve, and he is a pleasure to work with and a very gracious, generous person. Thank you, Steve. I joined the affiliate program and have already been rewarded because a friend bought one too. He loves it as well. Thank you to the entire Aquapha Team!


  • J
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    AQ.2 Atmospheric Water Generator
    I do not recommend this product
    Rated 1 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago
    1 Star

    They sent me a broken product. I’m disputing the charges.

    A Profile picture for Aquaphant
    1 week ago
    Jesse, first off, we have reached out to you we would gladly accept his return as it meets our money back guarantee since it is less than 90 days from purchase date. Each shipment has a tamper proof and drop detection label attached to it, if the package is dropped or damaged during shipment, we will replace the item at no charge. Even though you opted out of the insurance, we still insure all of our AQ.2s on our end and if you communicate with us, we will make it right, but there is a process to return it correctly and we need your participation with that. We are sorry you had a bad experience with the shipment process, these things happen and we will make it right, but you need communicate with us and give us a chance to make it right. Thank you!
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Our Aquaphant team is dedicated to introducing groundbreaking inventions to the market, consistently delighting customers with our transformative products. To date, we have secured 13 patents for our Aquaphant innovations, with an additional 19 patents pending. Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with innovation; it extends to rigorous testing. Crafting the AQ.2 was no small feat: we meticulously fine-tuned countless prototypes and conducted extensive pressure tests on over 100 units. This process ensured our AQ.2 delivers the best-tasting, cleanest water. Discover Aquaphant, where expertise, innovation, and dedication converge to provide you with unparalleled quality and revolutionary solutions for a brighter, sustainable future.